IT Vendor for support to members on filing BAP Returns.


All IBAI Members,

Dear Members,

IBAI is commencing a new service which will benefit most of its Members , this service will enable them to file their BAP Returns on time.

As all of you are aware that BAP Returns have to be filed at regular intervals viz (Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually )

The Quarterly filing dates are from 1st to 15th of the month following the end of each Quarter (March, June, September and December)

We have engaged an IT company named SOLUTION INFINITE NETWORKS LLP whose services will be available to all our broker members every quarter from 6th to 20th of the month.

This assistance will be available from 8th July to 23rd July for Quarter 1 Returns and then from 7th Oct to 22nd Oct for Quarter 2 Returns and so on.

The resource will be available from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday except Public holidays at the Help Desk Number 9004349299

Members facing problems / issues with the system or any trouble shooting issues can call at above Help Desk Number (viz 9004349299) and take assistance from this resource.

If required the resource will take your PC on remote and try to help you to resolve the issue.

The resource will not be able to help or comment on the Data part as he is just there for Hardware and Software issue.

We will try and get him engaged with IRDAIs BAP Vendor Company to have better understanding of the BAP system during the course of time

Disclaimer : This service is purely in the interest of assisting our Members (on hardware and software issues) and to facilitate them to file their BAP returns and it nowhere guarantees filing of returns on time as prescribed by IRDAI.

If your problem still persists / remains unresolved you need to approach the BAP Help Desk team at IRDAI and raise tickets accordingly in prescribed time frame.

Vijay Rampal
Director & Hon. Secretary