IRDA Circulars


S.No. Circular/Notification Nos. Subject Reference no.
1 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/018/01/2016
Online Training for renewal of training
2 IRDA/NL/CIR/MISC/019/01/2016
DT- 28/1/2016
Opening of Office in IFSC,GIFT City, Gujrat
3 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/241/10/2014
DT- 30/10/2014
Calculation of Net worth
4 IRDA/BRK/CIR/240/10/2014
DT- 30/10/2014
Appointment of Auditors by Insurance Brokers
5 IRDA/BROKER/MISC/CIR/232/10/2014
Filing of returns through Business Analytics Project (BAP)
6 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/190/08/2014
DT- 12/8/2014
Sale of Insurance products through online and/or by tele marketing mode
7 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/151/06/2014
DT- 26/6/2014
Email addresses of Insurance Brokers
8 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/143/06/2014
DT- 18/6/2014
Furnishing of office Addresses
9 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/121/05/2014
DT- 1/5/2014
Change in Shareholding Pattern
10 IRDA/CAD/CIR/MISC/024/01/2014
DT- 17/1/2014
Use taglines by Reg. Licenses entities
11 022/IRDA/F & A/Aug 05
DT- 25/8/2005
Issue of shares in any form other than cash and transfer of shares
12 IRDA/INT/CIR/ORD/208/11/2015
DT- 20/11/2015
Guidelines on Indian owned and controlled for Insurance Intermediaries
13 IRDA/INT/GDL/OPD/183/10/2015
DT- 26/10/2015
Guidelines of POS – Non Life & Health Insurance
14 020/NL/IRDA/06
DT – 15/09/2016
Guidelines on Insurance and Reinsurance of General Insurance Risk
15 IRDA/BRK/CIR/NOT/243/12/2016
DT – 7/12/2016
Filing of returns for Foreign Reinsurance Transaction
16 IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/260/12/2016
DT –
Online System for obtaining prior approval
17 IRDA/BRK/CIR/NOT/243/12/2016
DT – 3/2/2017
Filing of Returns For Foreign Reinsurance Transaction
18 IRDA/Life/ORD/GLD/223/2017
DT – 7/2/2017
Modification to Guidelines on POS-Life Insurance